Maja, the Eagle of Majella


We wish to greet all the readers of the Blog of “Il Portone, Borgo San Martino” farm stay. This first article is an introduction of what you will find in our Blog, during next publications.Now, let’s start with the Blog’s name.
We have decided to call it “Maja, the eagle of Majella”. If you are wondering why, read what follows!

As you can already see from the website’s logo, the eagle is the symbol of our farm stay.
Let’s see why this choice.

farm stay Il Portone's logo


Many years ago, before the birth of our farm stay, among the remains of

the houses of Borgo San Martino, it was found a sculpture in a very poor condition, representing an eagle. Despite its bad condition, such sculpture excited admiration of the owners’ family, to the point of deciding to put this symbol on the gate of their home. Afterwards, at the opening of the farm stay, the eagle’s image became immediately the element that distinguished the structure.

And that’s not all…! In fact, as many know, the eagle is a mighty bird, able to reach the highest mountains’ peaks, inaccessible to other birds. Our Blog, among the several topics, will also deal with Abruzzo places to visit, especially the Majella chain and its National Park. A virtual journey to be enjoyed on the powerful outspread wings of the eagle of Majella.

flying eagle

That’s why the name ‘the eagle of Majella’ for our Blog.
Blog rich in topics, just like the visit of the breath-taking nature places with their fauna and flora that characterize Majella-Morrone National Park and then the Abruzzo events and fairs, the well-being and health life that we have particularly at heart, considering the Bio certification we got for our productions and farming. Then, it will be you dear Readers, to enrich our Blog, through your questions, proposals and suggestions on any topic you wish to deal with together with us!

WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU, in view of our next article!

staff collaborator of the farm stay Il Portone, Borgo San Martino

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