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In the previous article, our friend Maja, after its visit to the Hermitage of San Bartolomeo, refreshed itself drinking the crystal-clear water from the Spring of Catenaccio, which seems to have miraculous properties. However, can water and springs have such a power?
In Western culture, water is an element often taken for granted that is actually essential to life. Suffice it to think of populations, living in dry regions, or in habitats where water is contaminated. It is easy to understand its importance, if we think that life originates from such element. Nevertheless, what is water exactly? Is it only a liquid composed of several substances, whose main molecule is formed of three atoms, two hydrogens and one oxygen? Or is it something more complex? Recently I read a book by Masaru Emoto, entitled "The True Power of Water". Let us see together what this book is about.

Masaru Emoto, writer and passionately fond of alternative medicine, one day was enchanted with a phrase: "There are no two identical snowflakes in the world". Surely, you also have been impressed from something at the point to strongly wish to deepen the subject. Therefore, Masaru decided

ardently to study all available texts about water and the formation of its crystals. His surprise was immediate as well as his delusion. In fact, despite the technological advances of that time, he discovered that water crystals were never photographed before. Masaru continued to deepen his studies and with the aid of a researcher, he projected to photograph water crystals. It excited immediately my admiration, don’t you think the same? To pursue one’s own dreams, trying to realize them at any rate. Of course, this is not easy, and it was not even for Masaru, who went ahead with his research until when he was able to obtain the first shot of a water crystal.

He did not stop here. In fact, deeply impressed from the beauty of the shot, he decided to deepen the issue, focusing on a possible correlation between the formation of crystals and the different types of water. So, he took and examined a sample of natural, tap and mineral waters, and noticed that waters that formed the most beautiful crystals were the natural ones, non-subject to any human intervention and far from wars and conflicts.
That is how he hazarded a guess: perhaps water is influenced from the energy that surrounds it? Therefore, he decided to perform a further experiment and he tried to analyse waters placed in due containers with written words on it such as “war”, “peace”, “sad” and “happy”. And do you know what has happened? Water in containers with negative words on it formed incomplete and deformed crystals, or did not form any crystal, while water influenced in containers with positive words formed splendid crystals, especially if the written word was "love". That was how he began to think of using water to improve the state of people, and that water full of positivity and energy, called hado, could counteract the hado of some diseases.

Water crystal influenced by the word "love"

This philosophy could explain the miraculous properties the Spring of Catenaccio, situated close to a hermitage, a place immersed in the peace of nature and frequented by pilgrims, who pray and consequently load water with positive energy.

After having told you summarily part of the results of Emoto's research, certainly I cannot tell you if water has effectively this "power", but I can tell you that farm stay Il Portone, has chosen to write the word "grazie" (thank you) under their jugs of water.

Water crystal influenced by the word "thank you"

Regardless of the effect this sweet word can have on water, I believe that a simple “thank you” is never used enough; that is why we follow this experiment to thank our guests for their pleasant visit and to thank life for all the beauties it offers us. After all, who does not like to hear to say thank you? Maybe in this case, the real power resides in the smile and the joy that some magic and simple words are able to give.

Thank you for your attention and if you wish to express your opinion, please write it under comments! See you to the next article!

Staff collaborator of the farm stay Il Portone, Borgo San Martino

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