Maja, the Eagle of Majella


After the wonderful experience of the Hermitage of San Bartolomeo, our eagle Maja goes on exploring the Majella Park. This time it will discover another among the places of worship, present in the Abruzzo region: the Hermitage of Santo Spirito, and it will fly over the wide area that surrounds it, watching one of the usual activities followed in this part of Majella: the free climbing along the ‘Parete dell’Orso’ (Wall of the Bear).

Our friend Maja, always looking for adventures, decides to roost near the junction connecting the hamlet of Roccamorice, the Blockhaus and the Hermitage of San Bartolomeo. Its wait is soon rewarded, when

it sees a group of people, with ropes and other equipment, who, instead of walking to the path to the Hermitage of San Bartolomeo, walk along the asphalt road. Maja's curiosity is soon excited and our friend the eagle decides to follow them.
When the group reaches a drinking fountain, decides to stop, putting down their equipment, just to make some stretching for their muscles and to sip fresh water. The break is short and some of them, equipped with ropes and other instruments, begin to climb the rocky wall. Maja is surprised. It flies immediately over the highest peak to discover what pushes them to climb. What it sees does not seem to be worth such an effort. Its perplexity increases, when it notes that the expression of people faces, despite their tiredness, is joyful and peaceful. They do not try to reach the summit, but they simply enjoy the free climbing, admiring meantime the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

While it admires the view and encourages the effort of the group, circling over them, Maja observes other people walking down the same road and decides to follow them. The asphalt path penetrates the woods and Maja savours the fresh breeze crossing them. Continuing its flight, it reaches with great surprise, a little park with a beautiful church behind, the Hermitage of Santo Spirito.

The atmosphere is full of peace and serenity, and even people are cheerful and peaceful. The meadow, the sound of the wind blowing among trees and along the rocky wall, the fresh flavor of the spring water, are elements that create an idyllic habitat for Maja and contribute to making this place a haven of peace.
Even the Church is particularly beautiful, embedded in the rock, with the stone portal and its inscription "Porta Celi", the Holy Stairs that leads to an upper level along the rocky wall, from which you can enjoy a very beautiful view and where it is placed the Oratory of Maddalena.

Satisfied once again for its exploration of the Majella Park, Maja decides to fly back to its nest, already looking forward to its next journey.

Thank you for having read this article. If you wish further information on the hermitage, visit our website page: Hermitage of Santo Spirito.

Waiting for you to my next article.



Collaborator of the farm stay, Il Portone, Borgo San Martino

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