Maja, the Eagle of Majella


We have seen how our friend Maja arrived to be in a state of peace and joy, flying among the secret wonders of Majella Park.
Now, let us see where this positive mood comes from.

There are several benefits, Nature and its elements can offer. On the top of the list, there is

the Air we breathe, without which it is impossible to survive. It does not mean that it is the same everywhere! In town, the concentration of toxic and polluting substances is significantly higher, due to the smog caused by cars, industries and heating systems. While in the green places, where Nature is uncontaminated, the air is pure, light and its fragrance has a sweet taste.

Besides the air, there are the constant noises and humming of towns, due to the traffic, electrical appliances and technological devices that never subside, if not partially during the night becoming so often a source of stress.

If on the contrary, we walk in the woods, or up on the mountains, our ears can listen to the sweet sound of the wind, blowing among trees and creating the rustle of leafy branches, or to the call of birds, producing a warming melody for the heart.

Even the light pollution, inside and outside city houses, rouses excessively and negatively our eyeballs while warm colors of Nature are music for our eyes and foster the regeneration of our psychophysical functions.


It goes without saying that each of us needs to reinvigorate in Nature, from time to time. Therefore, we just have to get ready to set off on a revitalizing journey, far from the daily routine.

To explore Nature and to plunge into it restore to health and improves our mood. Share with us your personal experiences on this regard, because to listen to or to read other people experiences is always a reciprocal enriching!

Thank you again for having read this article and, as usual, I give you appointment to the next one, in order to follow our Maja in another of its amazing explorations!



Collaborator of the farm stay ‘Il Portone, Borgo San Martino’

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