Free climbing is a demanding activity that rewards with the discovery of extraordinary places and breath-taking landscapes, when it is practised in the midst of nature.

Abruzzo offers enchanting corners where it is possible to play this sport. Near our farm stay, in the hamlet of Roccamorice, there is the fascinating Parete dellOrso (Wall of the Bear), close to the road that leads to the Hermitage of Santo Spirito, known for its offer of behind the famous for the wide variety of free climbing types.

For further information about places where to practice this activity, visit the web-site AbruzzoVerticale


It is possible to discover the wonders of the Majella Park even in Mountain Bike. The Majella Park has a series of paths dedicated to the Mountain Bike. These vary in length and difficulty, but allow you to discover fabulous places and admire breathtaking landscapes.

The section of the Majella Park dedicated to mountain bike trails is this: Majella National Park - Mountain Bike


farro ears

The Sagra del Farro takes place every year at Abbateggio, in mid-August, in occasion of the village patron's day, August 10th, San Lorenzo (Saint Lawrence)'s day.

This festival was born to celebrate a cereal that over the years has been superseded by the most modern grain qualities. In Abbateggio farro was rediscovered by the finding of some seeds of ancient peasant families. Subsequently this cereal spread to small local producers, becoming one of the symbols of this village.

During the festival it is possible to taste this cereal in many variants, from the more rustic dishes made according to tradition, to more modern re-elaborations to satisfy every kind of palate.


Abruzzo is a place of ancient and recent traditions. Each village, over time, has created unique festivals or traditional events, even based on resources found in their territory. Some are of a religious nature and are among the oldest. Others are born from the passion and work of the villagers. Some have become part of the tradition, others have just been born.

Here are some of the most famous in the vicinity of the farm stay:


book and glasses

The National Award for Natural Literature is a literary competition that both professional and beginner writers and journalists can attend. The award ceremony takes place every year in the village of Abbateggio.

To participate in the competition you have to take part in a call out in February and once you are registered, you have time until May to deliver your works.

The works will be judged by a jury presided over by an exponent of the culture world and composed by an artistic director of the Prize, language and literature teachers, professional writers and journalists, editorial experts and authoritative members of naturalistic associations.

During the closing night, which usually takes place on the second half of July, there is the delivery of the prizes to the various winners. Some features of the award-winning works will be read by an actor and guests will be entertained by a music group performing classical music.

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