Maja, the Eagle of Majella


In the first article I explained why the blog is called “Maja, the eagle of Majella”, but I did not tell you yet, where the name of our friendly eagle comes from. Each name is important and often reveals a story, as for example the name Majella. Do you know why this name? I’ll tell you soon about it. Make yourself comfortable, while discovering the Legend of Maja.

According to the Greek mythology, Maja was a goddess, the most beautiful among the seven Pleiades, who were born of Atlas and Pleione, becoming then the companions of the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

paintinig of the PleiadesThe Pleiades (1885) by the Symbolist painter Elihu Vedder

Her renown is linked to her son Hermes, born of her union with Zeus, and he was the patron god of pilgrims and merchants, as well as inventor of the lyra. In the Greek mythology, the Pleaides died of a broken heart for the death of their other seven sisters, the Iadi, and were turned into


We wish to greet all the readers of the Blog of “Il Portone, Borgo San Martino” farm stay. This first article is an introduction of what you will find in our Blog, during next publications.Now, let’s start with the Blog’s name.
We have decided to call it “Maja, the eagle of Majella”. If you are wondering why, read what follows!

As you can already see from the website’s logo, the eagle is the symbol of our farm stay.
Let’s see why this choice.

farm stay Il Portone's logo


Many years ago, before the birth of our farm stay, among the remains of

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